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The Best New Home Design Solutions For Our Climate

New Home Design Solutions For Our Climate

Although we are new to PassivHaus as a standard, Owen Batchelor and his team have been designing high-quality award-winning homes and buildings in and around South East Queensland for over 3 decades. We have worked on just about every type of home in that time from tree houses to multi-million dollar homes, and everything in between. For a full overview of our business, please visit East Coast Building Design.

Do We Only Do Passive House Designs?

As qualified building designers, we can design any building

Do We Only Do Passive House Designs?

No, we can design any building.

The one thing Passive House Brisbane learned from the Certified Passive House Designer course is that the mainstream housing we think are pretty good, are actually quite poorly built and poorly insulated.

The Building Science and physics learned in the course have taught us so much about how to build better homes and buildings.

While we would love to apply these principles to every project, we recognise that not everybody will embrace PassivHaus fully. What we can do however is do the best we can for everyone.

Please check out our sister business, which has been successfully delivering quality design outcomes for three decades. You will also find a stack of useful info there as well.